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From birth to 21 months, a baby is considered in the oral stage of development (according to psychologist Sigmund Freud) wherein a baby is very fond of stimulating his/her mouth resulting to putting anything that he/she is holding towards the mouth. This behavior is heightened when the baby is teething or when the baby's first set of teeth/primary teeth break through the gums that usually starts on the 6th month. When the baby reaches his/her third year, he/she should've have a complete set of primary teeth.

Teething can be very painful and irritating to the baby and a way for them to sooth their sore gums is by biting their fingers or anything they can get their hands on. My son is now 1 year and 5 months with 8 teeth already showing and still, he loves to bite on things found on the bed. Good thing, I discovered a product from Teething Beads Jewellery that will not only help relieve the pain or discomfort that my baby feels due to teething but also serve as a very fashionable jewelry for us moms. 

Thanks to Ms. Margie of Teething Beads Jewellery and Ms. Lani of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, my son was able to try out their products as these were sent to us:

These teething products were designed to be used as fashionable bracelets and necklaces for the mommies and at the same time, something that our little ones get to chew on to relieve the discomfort they are feeling during the teething phase. It has 8 fun colors to choose from that can easily fit any clothes/dress you are wearing. 

What's great about their necklace is that it has a break away clasp that acts as an added safety feature so that it wouldn't break apart in case the baby decides to pull or tug it. These necklaces are not only a great soothers but it can also be a sensory tool that can help your little ones focus during nursing. 

The bracelet also has another function aside from being a soother as it can also be a colorful reminder on which side you last nursed your baby. Here are some other great info on why Teething Beads Jewellery is a highly recommended product for us moms and for our babies:

  • The beads are made of 100% silicone that make each piece firm and at the same time, soft for our babies gums and emerging teeth to chew on.
  • There is NO PVC, phthalates, BPA, Lead, Cadmium or Metals that are known to be very harmful to people.
  • There are no detachable parts that can put our baby's in danger.
  • All products can easily be cleaned with soap and water and are sterilizer safe.
Enjoy these photos of my son having fun with these Teething Beads Jewellery bracelet and necklace:

He likes the necklace with the beads more than the bracelet maybe because the beads easily fit in his mouth rather than the thick bracelet. Although I don't see myself using it as an accessory, I would still recommend this product for your little ones undergoing the teething phase. Plus it is very easy to clean so you wouldn't need to worry much that your babies will ingest those pesky germs/bacteria. But with all the safety features that this product have, make sure to never leave the teething beads with an unattended baby. 

Again, I would like to thank Ms. Margie and Ms. Lani for the opportunity and for the teething beads that my son really enjoys using. I definitely recommend this product to all moms with kids on teething stage and it can also be a great gift for expectant moms this Christmas! For more information or if you have queries regarding Teething Beads Jewellery, you can contact Ms. Margie (09178120525) and Ms. Maylee (09175510422). You may also want to add them on their Facebook Page to keep you updated.

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  1. I love this! It's really nice to have teething toys for kids. When the twins were at this stage we had tons of tos to help them and it makes teething more bearable.

  2. Teething necklaces are great accessories for new mummies to wear and have! They didn't have such a thing until last year and by then, my girl is old enough not to put things into her mouth. So, I didn't get to try these hah!

  3. So cute, tamang tama ito pangregalo sa pasko sa mga inaanak di ba?
    lalo na ung nabasa ko na NO PVC, phthalates, BPA, Lead...

  4. This is a very good product. I must say ever since our scientists started exploring the uses of Silicon, its really gone everywhere!!!
    Btw, your son is sooooo adorable!!!

  5. I remember when my niece was teething, all her stuff toy has bites. This is a dual purpose jewelry and teether.

  6. wow such a cut kid. i remember my nephew when he was younger. hehe teething toys are good for kids. :) thanks for sharing

  7. So many cute gimmicks nowadays for the babies. Before during my time as a kid, it was just ordinary pacifiers and teething bracelets.

  8. This is good for toddler as toy to play and something safe for thenm to bite.

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