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I believe that every girl wants their face to have a flawless and smooth skin. We want to be beautiful even without makeup and be pretty naturally and effortlessly. And the best way to achieve that desired skin is to eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables and to exercise regularly because once you feed your body nutritious food, it radiates into your skin making you feel beautiful and stronger inside out. Another way that you can have that youthful glow is by taking supplements such as Myra E that contains d-Alpha Tocopherol that works as an anti-oxidant. 

I've been taking Myra E back when I was still a student but decided to stop when I tried another supplement, but now I started taking them again for almost a month now and I notice my skin radiating that beautiful glow once more. 

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At present, Unilab, creator of Myra E, have developed a wide range of skin care products that caters to different skin problems of women. There's the Myra Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer, Myra VitaFirm, VitaWhite and VitaQuench Hand & Body Lotion, Myra Vitasmooth Shine-Free Face Powder with SPF 15 and Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion that a lot of women use because of its affordability and effectivity when it comes to preventing and solving those usual skin problems we face.

I honestly haven't tried any of these products before so when I was given the chance to try a new product that they were launching, I signed up immediately. Thanks to ms. Divine Reyes of Filipino Bloggers Network for giving me the opportunity to be part of this campaign. :) And just last Monday, I received a very pretty package:

The cute tin box contains a Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash, Myra VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash and a blue Aqua Zorb Fingertip Towel. (Check out the links on both products for a more detailed review)

The Myra VitaSmooth Hydrating Facial Wash promises to make your face smoother than ever as it hydrates your skin in every use. It cleanses the skin thoroughly to remove dirt and excess oil that causes acne/pimples. But even if it deeply cleanses the skin, it still retains our face's natural moisture, thanks to its Moisture Plus Formula. Definitely recommended to women who experience dryness of the skin. It also contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract that helps improve our skin's elasticity, resulting to a smooth and young looking skin. Lastly, with the presence of Vitamin E beads, our skin is protected and nourished, making our skin healthy with a youthful glow in every wash.

For those who are usually exposed to the sun and want to get bring back that flawless white skin, here's a product specially made for you. The Myra VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash promises to whiten and smoothen your skin when used regularly. It deeply cleanses your skin to get rid of the dirt and excess oil resulting to a naturally white skin in 7 days (results may vary depending on use of product and on user's skin type). What makes this product effective is the presence of the Biowhite Complex which is from a plant extract making it safe for all skin types. It also has a Niacinamide that evens out your skin tone by reducing the marks on your face. And lastly, it also contains Vitamin E beads that protects and nourish our skin resulting to a youthful glow.

Again, all results on our skin may vary depending on how long we have used the product and depending on our skin type. And it is still best to partner these products with the Myra E supplement as it can help you renew damaged cells from the inside, which means faster and more noticeable results. 

I will definitely use these products and let my family try it out as well. Myra is already a trusted brand so I'm sure that results will be seen with regular use of the product. I highly recommend this to women who are still looking for the perfect skin care regimen and for those who want to be beautiful inside and out. :) 

You can also check out Myra's new TVC below:

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  1. The product line looks neat. The tin is absolutely a keeper!

  2. I've never tried Myra products before, I am so loyal to ponds lol, I don't know why. But they have a range of awesome products now and it would be nice it give it a try!

  3. This sounds promising. I love a healthy skin. But I stay loyal to the brand that I've been using for almost a decade. It's like my comfort zone now.

  4. Do they sell this set commercially with the tin box? I think these are good Christmas gifts for the secretaries.

  5. Tried it out too and I love the results! I like the VitaWhite better because it gives that instant glow.

  6. Myra is a great product to have. It keeps our skin healthy, radiant and protected.

  7. I've been hearing a lot of good things from the brand Myra! Glad to know their facial wash lives up to the expectation :D

  8. Been hearing good results for Myra. Although I know it's for girls. :D But yes, my girl friends talk about it as one trusted brand.

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