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Are you tired of hanging out in restaurants/bars that seem to be too loud and crazy for you? Do you want to experience a place with great food, ambiance where you can just relax and enjoy jazz/80's music that you've been missing for so long? A visit to this new bistro in Tomas Morato will definitely be a must try and surely, you'll love this place as much as I did. 

Reminisque Bistro opened its doors to the public last July 30, 2015 and as the name suggests, this cozy dining hub aims to provide a venue for adult professionals and yuppies who are craving for some straight-up, comfort grub with the distinct feel of hometown goodness. Metro Manila’s newest go-to place for foodies and pub crawlers steers clear of the usual culinary fix being served by nearby restos and cafes in the area. Instead, it focuses on exquisite, traditional Filipino cuisine, but the kind that incorporates fresh new ideas with delicious regional taste.

Almost everything that comes out of the kitchen is a specialty prepared in classic, flavorful glory: kansi, a rare Ilonggo delicacy that straddles the fine line between bulalo and sinigang, is a huge hit among regulars, especially after giving its thick, tangy taste a try.

Their traditionally prepared kare-kare brings a slice of home: earthily smoothened and savored with grounded peanuts and roasted rice grains.


Reminisque Bistro also offers lengua — a rich and tasty ox tongue recipe in creamy mushroom sauce and red wine;

the classic sisig with pita—a popular Filipino appetizer that goes well with beer and surprisingly, pita bread;

Sisig with Pita Bread
and the famous Reminisque chicken — fried to golden brown with a unique savory taste you’ll surely remember. 

Reminisque Chicken

“We hired a chef, experienced in creating various dishes including his old recipes gathered,” Matias says about how they sort through and curate the food in their menu.

Last September 17, I was very happy that I became a part of the Reminisque Bistro Press Launch (Thanks to Ms. Pauline of Think Big Events for the opportunity). Upon arriving, the interiors already gave an impression that it was homey, relaxing and a perfect place to unwind and enjoy great food with your family and friends.

Went straight to the buffet area, which is actually their private dining room that can accommodate up to 35 pax, where you can dine and bond with your friends/colleagues more intimately or even celebrate special occasions.

Tinapa Fettuccine
Reminisque Chicken
They also served their specialty, Kansi, a soup that seemed like a Bulalo but tasted like Sinigang. They also have great Iced Tea! For dessert, they let us try their take on the traditional Maja Blanca.

Maja Mais Panna Cotta
I enjoyed the dishes served especially the Kare-Kare and Kansi. Their Kare-Kare meat was very tender and the creamy sauce had the right consistency. It would be best to add a small amount of their alamang/bagoong. For their Kansi, it was actually my first time to taste the dish and I immediately loved it. A combination of my two favorite dishes turned out really delicious plus the meat shank with bone marrow is perfectly cooked. I also liked their Maja Mais topped with a generous amount of grated cheese which was not too sweet but really creamy. 

While eating, the host invited those who want to join a mini game where in they will be showcasing some of the music that we can expect while dining at Reminisque Bistro ranging from 70's to 90's songs. The DJ will play a song for less than 10 seconds and the contestants must write the correct title of the song on a paper given to them. The group who gets 7 correct titles out of 10 (or more) songs will be the winner. Everyone was competitive and even the audience enjoyed guessing the music. It was such a fun game!

After the game, the media and bloggers had the chance to ask questions to the owners of the Reminisque Bistro and their answers were very interesting. I learned that every painting displayed in the restaurant and even the speakers were personal stuff of the owner. They really incorporated stuff that are very important to them at the restaurant. They also make sure that they are present at the Reminisque every night to be able to interact with the customers and learn what they need to improve in the restaurant from the food, music, service, etc.

After the q&a, they dimmed the lights and let us experience the real ambiance at Reminisque Bistro:

While dining at Reminisque Bistro, you'll definitely feel nostalgic listening to the music of the past as their DJs play expertly curated songs from the 70s up to the present. What's great is that they also have acoustic performers that will entertain you while having dinner. During the press launch, Mr. Pido of Side A and Mr. Joshua of Freestyle rendered songs for the attendees. Unfortunately I was only able to hear two songs from Mr. Joshua because I was late :(

Finally, the Reminisque Bar. I really liked how they placed 80s themed displays at the bar such as a mini jukebox, phonograph, vintage cars and trumpets.

Their service cocktail bar features a wide array of drinks - pure, concocted and fondly stirred with alcohol mixes, spirits, vodka, seasonal fruits and sweeteners.

I highly recommend that you try this place as it offers their take on our favorite dishes and cocktails. Check out their menu:

There so many dishes I would love to try so I'll definitely come back to Reminisque Bistro and bring my family with me. I know that it's really hard to dine at Tomas Morato because parking spaces for customers are not enough, but what's great about Reminisque Bistro is that they have a three storey parking space on top of their restaurant. Such a hassle free dining experience at Reminisque and I can't wait to be back! :)

Reminisque Bistro
BDI Building, Sct. Lozano cor. Tomas Morato Ave., QC
Reminisque Bistro Facebook Page
Operating Hours: 12:00nn - 2:00am

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  1. I grew up with 80s music so I will really enjoy a place like this. The food pics look like the taste very good. I would have enjoyed the name-that-tune game also if I was there at this event.

  2. Looks like a cool place to dine in, I like the food, hopefully they'll stay consistent with the service as the months pass. I'm curious about the food!

  3. Everything looks so cozy and homey! I would love to try this place with family soon! :D

  4. I'd love to try sisig with pita. And they interestingly have reasonable prices! Glad to know reminisque bistro exists. :) Will check em out soon.

  5. I want to try their Kansi. They do have a really cozy place here and I'll try it out when I am in the Morato area.

  6. The food seems great together with the ambiance. The setting and decors coincide exactly with the place. I loved Bacolod Kansi

  7. This is near my workplace but I haven't visited the place yet. Will try to check Reminisque with friends.- KarenT

  8. Such a great event with food, drinks and companions. I wish to try their Kansi look very special and delish to me.

  9. Sisig with pita? Now that's different, this one is prolly my must try dish when I get to visit. I love the cozy interiors and how the decor like the paintings are personal items of the owners.

  10. that sisig with pita is new to me. I want to taste that. The prices looks reasonable for a city dweller. The ambiance looks cool and comfy.

  11. Sisig with pita, seems like a version of humus. I would like to try that one.

  12. I like the look of the Kare-kare and Tinapa Fettuccine! While i don't visit such places, the food looks pretty good for me to try them out at least once.

  13. that sisig with pita is kinda new to me. being a kapampangan. this is a new twist to our native food.. i should try it sometime.. :)

  14. This place looks interesting. It's the first time I've seen or heard of sisig being paired with pita bread.

  15. Everything looks so yummy and the place looks so cozy and relaxing! I would love to try this place with family soon.



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