How I've been saving/earning money during pandemic

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As a nurse and a single mom, it is not easy to save money. My salary is not really enough to sustain a family, so what more to be able to save. But with every financial problem like this, we should find ways and effort to be able to provide to our loved ones and of course, to ourselves. So, I would like to share to you some ways I'm doing to achieve that. (But do take note that we have a lot of free stuff from work.)

1. We have free food and supply from the hospital, so I take advantage of that. I only buy condiments that. I need for cooking, and I do diet, so I don't consume rice. But in case there are special occasions that I have to go to the grocery, I check out the discounted/promotional items first.

2. We have free transportation vehicle going to hospital and back home and of course, I utilize that as well. I try to finish my work on time so that I will be able to join the free trips. I don't go out often especially this pandemic, so I save money from this too. But, if necessary, I call our personal driver and join other staff when going out to minimize the fee.

3. Whenever I get coins from change, I put it in a coin bank. It seems like a small amount, but you will be surprised on how much you will earn in the end. I also made envelopes that indicate where I need to use my money. For example, if I need to travel to a different city, I chip in every salary any extra amount I have (money left after giving the family allowance) to be able to use something when that day comes. 

4. I use my cash back prepaid card when purchasing items. The rebate is not that big, but at least there is money coming back to my account. I am also fond of using membership cards in the groceries that make me earn points equivalent to money. Again, it's not that big but when accumulated, you get savings in the future.

5. I've been answering surveys on a website, and when you earn enough points, you can redeem it in exchange of money sent to my PayPal account. At first, I thought this was not real, but when I received my first passive income, I was very happy.

6. Whenever I travel by plane, I use my membership card to get miles. Last time, I earned enough miles that I got a free roundtrip ticket. I seriously saved tons of money on this.

7. Lastly, if I get extra money (from bonuses) big enough to be placed in the bank, I keep it there. There is a certain percentage that you get with keeping your money in the bank. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out Savings Calculator as it can help you learn more about this matter.

These tips personally works for me and I hope it will help you out in the simplest possible ways too. How about you? What are the saving hacks you are using? Comment it down below so I can try it out as well.

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