Digitization 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Digital World

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If your company handles lots of paperwork, it may be time to digitize. A digital scanner can make a huge difference by converting documents into virtual files. In fact, adding a scanner to your workplace offers several benefits.

Maintaining Efficiency

Efficiency is a major concern in any workplace, as inefficient processes can lead to a slew of problems:

  • Missed deadlines

  • Smaller return on investment

  • Stressed staff

Technology offers many ways to increase efficiency, primarily through automation and organization.


If you process hundreds or thousands of documents a day, you spend a lot of time just converting paper to digital. Fortunately, the right scanner can automate the digitization process. In fact, many high-end models have optical character recognition software, which allows them to produce editable digital documents. That way, you can save even more time by skipping the file conversion process.

Automation frees up your employees for other, more involved tasks. As a result, staff may take greater pride in their work and feel their jobs have meaning.

Additionally, automation can save your organization money. Manual scanning can be time-consuming and lead to human error, cutting into productivity. Top-of-the-line software means you don't have to expend resources to correct mistakes.


One of the best things about digital scanners is their organizational capacity. For example, you can set your scanner to upload files to a particular folder automatically. That way, you don't have to move the documents later, eliminating an unnecessary step.

Real-time updates also mean people across your enterprise can access files as they appear in the cloud. If you have a looming deadline, this can make all the difference.

Improving the Process

When you store documents in the cloud, you make accessing and editing simpler. Employees can now focus on innovation and meeting clients' needs. Some scanning software even offers tools to support these efforts.


Storage on the cloud means employees can access files from any location with an internet connection. You can even share access with clients or vendors to facilitate faster communication. This easy collaboration means greater innovation and higher customer satisfaction.


The fewer resources you spend on mundane, repetitive tasks, the more you can put into your products and services. For example, when employees don't have to worry about keeping records up-to-date, they can devote that time to other endeavors:

  • Perfecting a design

  • Building relationships with clients

  • Developing tools for productivity

Putting those hours into complex tasks means higher quality, which can attract new customers, boost the satisfaction of your current clients and establish an excellent reputation for your company.


The digital scanning process can also simplify your workflow documentation. Clear documentation about your processes helps you find areas of inefficiency and ensures workers know how to accomplish essential tasks.

Additionally, some industries require documentation for regulation compliance. A scanner streamlines this task and keeps all critical and sensitive documents in one place.

There are a wide variety of digital scanners, ensuring you can find one that offers all the features you need. From ScanSnap to handheld products, there's a solution for every business.

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