Struggles of a Filipina Nurse

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Back when I just passed my Philippine nursing board exam, there was a Filipino saying that translates to, "your hardship will not end after you attained your license". Well, whoever said that is 100% right, because after passing, we had a difficult time trying to get a job, especially during my time when there was a lot of nursing graduates. We literally had to pay the hospitals/institutions to be able to have work. When you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will now experience toxic duties, sleepless nights, demanding patients and relatives whilst having to receive a small salary or worse, none at all. Not to mention, having to attend different seminars and trainings that you have to pay for. 

Indeed, it is very hard to be a Filipino nurse, even up to this day because we are not well compensated in our own country. That is the main reason why a lot of nurses, including myself, are just enduring a couple of years here in the Philippines to have enough hospital experience to be able to transfer to another country that will provide better salary for us. 

Once you get the required hospital experiences needed on your specific target country, the "hardship" does not end there. You have to process your papers, take different exams and look for a legit agency to help you go abroad, all requiring time, dedication and of course, money. 

Personally, time and dedication for me to be able to reach UK probably next year is not a big deal, but money is always a problem. Especially for a single mom of 2 kids, I really need to hustle and be able to achieve my dreams despite the struggles. I already have enough work experience and I've processed my papers. I also passed the English exam and after 3 months, I will be taking the next exam. If everything falls into place, I should find an agency that has a great offer and hopefully by the end of next year, God willingly, I will be in UK. 

Sounds easy, but I need money to start my life in UK. I've been thinking of ways on how to have a pocket money to be able to live well on my first months in another country. I've searched the possibility of applying to a bank for credit card but interests and annual fees are a burden, then I stumbled upon Money Mutual.

It's a cash advance website where in you get to pick a lender that will satisfy your ability to pay back. For example, as you put your information on the website, lenders will then send you an offer real-time and if you think it fits your needs and your mode of payment, then you can apply for that loan. Once your loan is accepted, you get to receive the money in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, this only applies for US Citizens, but if you are interested, you can check the link above and see if you are qualified.

Looking forward to find something similar to Money Mutual for Filipinos. Do you have any suggestions regarding this matter? Comment down below your own experiences. It would be helpful and fun to hear from you!

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