Top 5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

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Top 5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

When it comes to the latest smart phone, The Philippines’s consumer base certainly won’t be left behind. Practically everyone keeps up with the latest tech news, with retailers and telecommunications companies alike offering great deals as soon as the latest models arrive.

Of course, this doesn’t take away the fact that most smartphones cost thousands of pesos. Indeed, they can be considerable investments; some smartphone models cost as much or even more than a laptop for sale online! As such, practical-minded Filipinos prefer to keep their smartphones in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

Fortunately, keeping your smartphone in good shape is pretty straightforward. Here are some tips:

Download OS and App Updates ASAP

Both smartphone manufacturers and app developers release periodic updates. Make sure you download these as soon as you can to keep your smartphone running as smoothly as possible. That’s because these updates are designed for performance optimization. They fix bugs, bring new features, and improve security, among many other functions.

Fortunately, you can set your phone to download automatic updates of the operating system (OS), as well as all the apps you currently have installed. Just activate this setting and you’ll be all set. To save on data, select the option to download the updates only when connected to WiFi. Remember as well that some major OS updates may not be automatically installed unless your device is plugged in and charging.

Get a Protective Case

No matter how careful you are, you’ll probably accidentally drop your phone once or twice. To keep it safe and free from dents and cracks, it’s best to get a protective case for it. Some styles may admittedly be bulky, but they can also offer the most protection. There are also plenty of cases that have a slim design; while they may not be as sturdy, they nevertheless prevent your phone from getting damaged at the slightest fall.

What’s great about using a case for your phone is that if you ever decide to sell it in the future, you can get a higher price for it!

Keep It Clean

Whenever you hold your phone, you inadvertently transfer some natural body oils onto it. After a while, these oils will accumulate, attract dust, and result in a buildup of dirt and greasy smudges. Yuck!

To keep your smartphone in good shape, you need to keep it clean. Make it a habit to wipe the screen and back panel every so often. Use a soft cloth, like the ones you use for cleaning eyeglasses or microfiber. If there’s a bit of stubborn grime, dampen the cloth with a bit of water before wiping. There are also plenty of disinfecting wipes you can use; just make sure to get the moisture away from the ports.

Speaking of ports, you should also give the charging port, headphone jack, speaker grilles, and mic clean. You can use a soft brush to get rid of dust before they accumulate on the ports. There are some rubber plugs or covers you can buy, but they can be difficult to put on and replace if you’re using a cover.

Keep It Cool and Dry

Aside from keeping your phone clean, you should also keep it cool and dry. Keep it at room temperature or lower, since extreme heat can affect the battery and fry the circuits. When charging your smartphone, try to keep it away from other gadgets such as your laptop. All kinds of electronics emit heat when they’re running; when you keep them close together, the heat and ambient temperature can accumulate and rise.

At the same time, you should also keep your phone dry. Avoid bringing it with you to the bathroom—you don’t want your phone to accidentally fall into the toilet bowl, do you?—as well as near deep water. There are waterproof smartphones, of course, but it’s better not to risk it dropping into the sea or swimming pool for a selfie.

If you absolutely must bring your phone near the water, for whatever reason, get a waterproof case or bag to put your phone in.

Maintain the Battery

Last but certainly not least, to keep your phone in good shape, you need to take care of its battery. After all, if your smartphone doesn’t have a healthy battery, it can’t run properly or at all.

The number one thing you should do is keep its charge cycles low. You can do this by not fully charging up your phone every time, and not letting it get drained fully as well. Ideally, you should keep your phone charged between 40% and 80%. You should also avoid using your phone while it’s charging. This can generate extra heat and put additional strain on the battery.

If your phone is still working well and the only problem is the battery life, consider getting a genuine replacement battery. In most cases, this is more affordable than getting a brand new phone.

When you keep your smartphone in good shape, you’ll be able to make the most of its capabilities. More importantly, you can save a lot of money! Keep these tips in mind to maximize your smartphone and maintain its good quality for years.

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