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Being a nurse in the Philippines is hard: understaff, too much workload, less benefits and underpaid. That is why a lot of us leave to work in another country. But of course, leaving your loved ones is much harder than anything else, so for me, working far from home is just temporary and hopefully, there will come a time that I could stay in the Philippines and be financially stable. 

One way that I thought would help me achieve this is by joining a business, even during this pandemic. It has only been a year that I worked abroad, but thankfully I had a few money saved and I decided to use it in a business I've known last month during my vacation in the Philippines.

A friend from my past workplace introduced me to iFern, which is the sister company of FernC, a trusted brand when it comes to Vitamin C supplements. Since it was lockdown, we were only able to meet via Zoom to discuss the brand, the products and the business side of iFern. After the meeting, I was very interested with the products and since I trust my friend, I gladly joined. 

Their products are mostly supplements and vitamins that will help boost our immune system especially this pandemic such as multivitamins (Fern-Activ), Calcium (MilkCa) and Vitamin D (FernD). These products, more known as the power trio, have been recommended by doctors as well as nurses as it really does its work, which is to enhance a person's immunity to fight diseases/viruses, to protect ourselves from getting sick.

Definitely a must have for the whole family, plus when you join iFern, you get these products at a lower price. Also, when you learn about the 7 ways to earn here in iFern, I'm sure you will be very eager to be part of this family which may help me be financially stable in the future.

By the way, before joining iFern, I used a calculator I saw online that is very helpful in solving, for example, if I will use credit card to join the business, will it be better than paying in cash. Will the interest be too much or savings is higher than the interest per month. Not only for credit card transactions for business, but you can also calculate different type of loans/mortgages may it be for a house, car, etc. They even have this calculator where you can compute how much you spend for necessities such as food, medicine, etc.

Definitely helped me decide if I should push through in joining iFern or if I wasn't ready yet. But for anyone who wants to pursue a business, keep in mind that all businesses would be hard at first. If you have the means, don't be afraid to give it a try, because just like any venture, you have to gamble but work hard for it as you go along.

If you are interested, message me and be part of a pandemic-proof business, iFern.

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