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A quick errand during office hours brings you to the mall. Suddenly, the warm sweet scent of freshly baked mini donuts beckons you to the little kiosk named Lil’ Orbits and makes you pull out your wallet and buy some. But you remember that you didn’t bring anything except your phone because you were just passing by for a brief task.

Then your face suddenly lights up when you see the little stall’s counter bearing the familiar blue GCash sign. It means the store accepts GCash payments using QR Code! So, you whip out your smartphone, log in to your GCash account and tap the Pay QR icon. Then, you select Scan QR Code.

When your phone screen prompts QR Reader and goes on camera mode, you aim it at the merchant’s QR Code, aligning within the frame, and your phone starts scanning. Your app now detects and identifies Lil’ Orbits’ QR Code, so you input the total amount of your purchase. You order two dozen cinnamon mini donuts, so you type Php100 as the amount to pay.

In a few seconds, your phone and the cashier’s phone receive an SMS from 2882, confirming the transaction details. The cashier gives you a receipt. Wasn’t that just easy? To have only your phone and yet have the power to purchase whatever your mobile wallet fund can afford?

Now don’t feel bad if you’re one of those who have never tried using a mobile wallet app or a QR code. While GCash already has 20 million users, many Filipinos are still attached to cash or feel safer using their credit cards. I think it’s a habit that’s hard to break.

Thing is, to use QR code, you don’t really need to break a habit—you just have to be open to start one! And this is one that will make your life easier, trust me. It took me years to try and use GCash, but when I finally did, the Scan to Pay function easily became my favorite. There was no need to wait when the cashier’s out of change, no need to go hungry when you occasionally forget your wallet, no need to worry about not having cash because you know you can do cashless payments with GCash.

With more than 50,000 partner outlets and brands, GCash will welcome you to a world of QR convenience.

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