The Top 4 Places To Visit This Year

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Do you love traveling? Are you looking for a new, different, life-changing adventure that will leave you refreshed, revived, inspired, fulfilled, and happy? Then you need to visit some new places and some amazing travel destinations that will give you a whole new life experience that you cant put a price tag on.
Here are the top 4 places that you have to visit this year for a classic lifetime adventure:
1.    Mount Kilimanjaro
Standing at an awe striking height of 19,341 feet high, Mt Kilimanjaro is Africas highest peak and the worlds freestanding tallest mountain. It is one of the most toured travel destinations full of fun and adventure.

Mt Kilimanjaro has numerous unique characteristics such as rainforests, moorlands, polar conditions as you near the top, and an alpine desert. Being a free-standing mountain, you get to have breathtaking views of the landscapes surrounding it.
There are several trekking routes that you can take, each with its own characteristics and challenges. These routes are not technical in nature, as such, you dont need to have mountaineering skills to climb to the top. This is definitely a place you want to go to this year.
2.    Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, an Inca citadel is set high up the Andes Mountains of Peru and is known for its classic dry-stone walls, fascinating buildings that have been astronomically aligned, and the panoramic views.

Get to feel some adrenaline move through your body as you trek through the place or paddle on the Vilcanota River. If youre looking for some adventure, the Peruvian Andes is a great place to go for mountain climbing and camping. Surrounding the mountain are more than 15,000 lakes, wooded valleys, snow-capped mountains, and scenic villages.
Get to enjoy the breathtaking flora and fauna surrounding the Machu Picchu by visiting this amazing destination this year.

3.    Nepal Treks
Nepal is a worlds favorite tourist destination thanks to its beautiful nature that makes it ideal for trekking. The road leading to the countrys interior parts follows ancient foot-trails that wind through captivating river banks, perfectly terraced fields and forested ridges connecting the scenic hamlets and the mountain villages.

You can trek through the beautiful trails and virgin tracks around the green hills. The rhododendron-filled, dark, green deep forests coupled with seasonal flowers are amazing to look at as well as the wild and domestic animals, residential cottages, and breathtaking landscape.
Trekking within the Himalayan gives you a feeling of spiritual elation and mental relaxation thanks to the amazing scenery. The different trekking routes present different challenges that you can take up and enjoy. Nepal Trek is a place worth visiting this year.
4.    Bhutan Treks
Bhutan is an amazing travel destination located on the eastern ridge of Himalaya in between Tibet and India. It has an adventurous scenery with snow-capped peaks, winding mountain passes, vibrant rhododendrons and waving prayer flags that showcase the peoples amazing culture.

You can visit isolated villages and sightsee the amazing countless fortresses, hike all through the fabulous valleys and the rugged high passes, trek via the scenic Paro Valley up to Chomolhari base or you can choose to be a part of the Bhutan Snowman Trek which is one of the biggest treks of the Himalaya. This destination is superb. Its a place worth visiting this year.
These places are amazing travel destinations where you can go and make lifetime memories with your family. To help you get to these amazing destinations, check out

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