5 Tips to driving in Ireland

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Are you looking to travel to Ireland for your holidays? One of the best ways you can fully enjoy such a trip is by driving yourself around.  By doing so, you get to enjoy the Irish outdoors better, as opposed to moving around in a tour bus, where you move around in groups.  To help you enjoy yourself to the fullest, here are 5 tips to driving in Ireland. 


1.Adjust to driving on the left

For people from countries that drive on the left, this is not a problem. However, if you are used to driving on the right, this can be a challenge. The trick is to always keep in mind that the driver is always on the center of the road. This simple logic can help you adjust pretty fast to driving on the left, and enjoy your self-drive holiday in Ireland. Besides, you minimize your risks of accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road.


2.Liaise with a good tour company

While self-driving is fun, it can get boring pretty quickly if you have no interesting destinations in mind. Thats why you should talk to a reputable tour crypto company that can help out drive to some interesting destinations. For instance, a company like Go Irish tours has a variety of packages for anyone looking to drive Ireland and enjoy every part of this amazing country. The other benefit of going for a good tour is that you get to enjoy personalized services all through the holiday.

3.Pay attention to the narrow roads

Ireland has some very narrow roads. The Irish countryside is also hilly. This can be quite challenging especially for a tourist visiting the country for the first time.  To ensure that you enjoy your driving and stay safe at the same time, drive slow when driving on Irish roads outside of the capital.  You also need to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is well serviced, to avoid any accidents that may be related to the cars condition.  Once you master these roads, you will definitely enjoy your drive around Ireland.


4.Understand the rules

Before you go on a self-driving tour, ensure that you understand Irish law. Otherwise, conflicts with the law can cut short your tour.  One of the laws you need to understand is that related to renting cars. For instance, if you are American or of Canadian origin, you need to be at least 25 years for you to rent a car in Ireland.


5.Rent an automatic car

If you come from a country where you drive on the right, getting a manual car can be a challenge with the gears. Thats because shifting gears with your left hand can be quite a challenge. This challenge is also compounded by the fact that the roads are narrow and it can be dangerous if you have divided attention. Besides, you want to enjoy the country as you drive, not focus on the nitty gritty of driving the car. Thats the whole essence of your holiday, right?

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