Two is better than one at Robinsons' 10th Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run

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I usually wake up early whenever I am for morning shift at the hospital but last July 2, 2017, I had a different agenda.

Thanks to Mommy Louisa of Art Of Being a Mom, I got the chance to be part of Robinsons' 10th Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2017 at the Parade Grounds of Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

In line with Robinsons Supermarket's wellness campaign to continuously encourage more people to choose and live healthier lifestyles, the Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run gave the opportunity to partner with friends and family and run from start to finish. This means that to end the race, both should step on to the finish line at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't have a buddy with me at that time. Good thing is that I was kind of exempted since I was there to cover the event.

Still, I wanted to join the race so I was there early to claim my singlet and to participate in the pre-race workout session by coach Jim and Toni Saret.

They also invited runners to register on-site for the Fit Filipino 1 Million Pound National Weight Loss Challenge, which is the biggest on-ground and online wellness program in the country which aims to encourage everyone to pledge and lose weight.

Besides the run itself, attendees get to enjoy freebies from the sponsors: Nestle Philippines, Johnson & Johnson, Fonterra, Unilab and Wyeth Nutrition, Unilever, International Pharmaceutical Incorporated, Proctor & Gamble, Abbott Nutrition, Getz Bros, Ecossential, Del Monte, Foodsphere Inc and PhilUsa.

Now back to the run, the Robinsons Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run has 2 categories, the 5km and the 10km. I went for the shorter distance since I'm not really fit to run and I didn't actually prepared myself for this run physically. So first to run was the 10km participants, and guess who was present in front of the group. It's Matteo Guidicelli!!

5km runners started minutes after the 10km category. Hence, it was my time to shine as I ran, jogged and walked throughout the race. 

Refreshments were also scattered along the route and my tip would be, bring a drawstring bag with you during a Robinsons run. I left all my bag at the registration area so I was literally holding 4 bottles of water/energy drinks, my phone and a power bank during the race. lol

Finally, I was able to reach the finish line in less than an hour. Yey!

After finishing the race with your buddy, runners get a bag full of groceries! Check out my loot:

Kudos to Robinsons for such an awesome concept of having to run with a buddy and get cool loots afterwards. 

"Through the years, the Fit and Fun Buddy Run has been a much-anticipated event for a lot of people. It's our kick-off to celebrate with the nation, Wellness and Nutrition Month. It provides a fun getaway activity for fitness newbies who are just about to start their wellness journey and loyal runners," said general manager of Robinsons Supermarket, Mr. Jody Gadia.

This is just one of the wellness programs/activities this month so stayed tuned for more exciting events from Robinsons Supermarket as they commit to providing wellness campaigns for Filipinos. Get updates on upcoming programs by checking out Robinsons Supermarket's Website and Facebook Page.

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