Piolo Pascual shares secret on how he smells fresh all day!

5:32:00 PM

I'm sure you've experienced leaving your home smelling fresh after a cold shower, plus putting on cologne or perfume, then you get exposed under the sun and your probably noticed that certain odor that is not very pleasant. Quite depressing, right?

Well, need not fret because just last July 4, 2017, I had the chance to cover Piolo Pascual's Grand Fans Day, where he shared his secret on how he smells fresh all day long! 

Fans and even Donita Nose were lucky to confirm how Papa P smelled as they did "smellfies" during the event. He also distributed shirts washed with his "secret" weapon to staying fresh despite a long day at work/tapings.

Introducing Tide and Downy's Perfume Fantasy now available in all leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide for only P6.00! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Tide and Downy Perfume Fantasy for only P6.00 and smell just like Papa P! Or better yet, just imagine Papa P hugging you and he left his scent on your clothes 😍!

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