LED there be light with CD-R King's newest offering

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May it be at home, in school or in any other places that are not reached by the sun's rays, fluorescent are known to be the main provider of light. That was how I can remember it back in the days but after researches have been conducted, it has been proven that fluorescent gives off a small amount of Ultraviolet light and 8 hours of exposure under the fluorescent light is equals to an hour of sun exposure which can cause migraine, stress, mood swings and eye strain. This fact can be quite alarming especially for a mom like me who has kids at home or at school that may experience this issue. What's worse is that fluorescent are said to contain a small amount of Mercury that can greatly affect the environment once fluorescent are disposed carelessly. 

Since these issues were raised, people switched to CFL (compact fluorescent light) which contains less amount of fluorescent but there's still presence of mercury.

T-5 18Watts (P150.00)
Thanks to technology's continuous changes and evolution, LED lights have been created. They are a great substitute for fluorescent but there are a few problems that users have encountered especially in commercial offices and spaces that require high luminosity and output that cannot be achieved when using a few LED lights.

T-5 20Watts (P200.00)
That is why CD-R King decided to create LED light tubes that can provide the luminosity that these big offices and spaces need minus the toxic Mercury. They made sure that LED light tubes have the same high light output of fluorescent with the benefits of LED Technology. Also, with CD-R King's effort to help protect the environment, they still offered these products at very affordable prices.

T-8 10Watts (P120.00)
The CD-R King LED Light tubes are available in T-8 10Watts (P120.00), T-5 18Watts (P150.00) and T-5 20Watts (P200.00) all of which can last up to 50,000 hours. You can either buy these light tubes with a casing or as a replacement tube. 

For those who are interested to try this new innovation, LED Light tubes are now available in all CD-R King branches nationwide. To learn more about this product and to get updates on other up and coming CD-R King products, you can follow them on their Facebook Page.

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