Mommy Bloggers Philippines celebrates Halloween Party at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

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As a child, I wasn't able to experience kiddie parties because my parents were too busy with our family business (garments). I envy other kids that were able to attend trick or treats where they get tons of candies and chocolates. So now that I am a mom, I make sure to have time to bond with the kids when there are events and parties where I can bring them to.

When Mommy Bloggers Philippines posted an invitation to a Halloween Party at Sky Ranch Tagaytay, I was ecstatic to be part of it. I want my children to have the chance to enjoy parties that I wasn't able to try back then. So I grabbed the opportunity to bond with my kids and with other Mommy Bloggers as well. :) It was scheduled on a weekend but hubby wouldn't be able to come with us because of work so we decided to sign up for the shuttle going to Sky Ranch. It would be hard for me to bring two kids with me so I had to leave the little one at home. It was just me and my daughter, but no worries, I'm sure we'll have loads of fun at the event. We bought a witch costume, made a broomstick and packed candies for the other kids and were good to go.

Saturday came and we were very early at Mcdonald's Trinoma (Shuttle's pickup point) so we decided to grab some food first. There were only a few families who joined the shuttle, so when we were completed, we headed straight to Tagaytay. It was a rainy morning but traffic was not heavy so travel went smoothly. We reached The Venue at exactly 9am and waited for other mommies to arrive. (Thank you very much to Sky Ranch for generously providing us The Venue for our Halloween Party and of course, for the Ride All You can pass for me and my kid ^^)

After Registration, we were given our pass that worked as a food, loot bag and raffle stub. A part of it was also used as a voting stub where we can write our top three picks for best Halloween costume. (Unfortunately, I was only able to take a photo of it after removing the voting stub)

Food was served to us while waiting for the program to start. Thanks to Sky Ranch and Kenny Rogers for a delicious meal that me and my daughter enjoyed :)

Happy tummies!! :)
After eating, we headed to the comfort room to put on my daughter's Halloween costume.

My Pretty Little Witch

Finally, the program started with greetings from our host, the Magic Meister, Mr. Pocholo Albiso.

Then, Mr. Poch asked all participants of the Halloween Costume Contest to get up on stage so that all the mommies can see and judge who has the best costume among the 21 kids. 

Mommies were asked to cast their votes using a part of the stub. While tabulating the scores, Mr. Pocholo invited the kids and the parents to play some games:

Mr. Pocholo then put a smile on everyone's faces when he performed with his friend Piolo.

He also entertained us with a Magic Show and a very energetic Balloon Twisting Act. He Is a great ventriloquist/magician/balloon twister with a sense of humor that everyone loved. I kept on laughing when he throws a joke because it was really hilarious. I definitely recommend him on special occasions and kiddie parties because he is very talented. If you are interested to invite Mr. Pocholo on your next event, kindly check out his website.

After all his performances, it was time to announce the winners of the costume contest. Unfortunately my baby girl wasn't chosen as one of the winners but I'm glad she enjoyed the experience. To end the program, the kids lined up to get candies and chocolates from the other mommies. :) 

After the program, my daughter changed clothes and we checked out what Sky Ranch has in store for everyone who visits the park:

The Venue
Sky Eye
Nessi Coaster
Flying Bus
Red Baron
Super Viking
Wonder Flight

We wanted to try all the rides but the weather doesn't permit so were only able to try rides with roof over our heads:

Inside the Sky Eye
She wanted to try the Horse Back Riding but the rain worsened and we had no choice but to return to the shuttle and bid Sky Ranch goodbye. We'll definitely go back soon together with hubby and my little boy. Hopefully weather is great and all other rides are open once we visit the park then.

Again, I would like to thank Sky Ranch for letting us use their event space, The Venue, for providing our lunch (Kenny Rogers) and for the Ride all you can pass which my daughter enjoyed despite the bad weather. Hope to see you again soon.

I would also like to congratulate Mommy Bloggers Philippines for yet another successful Halloween Event! I'm looking forward for the next one. ^^ Lastly, thanks to the sponsors for the loot bag :)

Big THANKS to  Nido 3+, Krispy Kreme , Araneta Center, Summit Media, URC, Yeah! Shoot Photobooth, Lock and Lock, First Vita, Jardine Distribution, and Jollibee for sponsoring our Halloween Party :)
Can't wait for the next event. Christmas Party please? :)

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  1. Hi :) Nominated your blog for The Liebster Award!

  2. Haven't been to Sky Ranch with my kids. We always go to Tagaytay to get away from the crowd. It just so happens that whenever we're in the area, it's always some sort of holiday so everyone's in Tagaytay. Glad you and your little girl had fun!

  3. I do not like driving to Tagaytay because of the heavy traffic we usually encounter going there. However, this Sky Ranch looks like a lot of fun, we should try it.

  4. I've never been to SkyRanch! I've been dying to take the twins there for the longest time. Maybe next year when things are more stable for us. I love the event! I wish we could've gone! So awesome!

  5. Aww if I knew this was happening, I would have brought my little cousins and dressed them up! I live next to Sky Ranch and have actually never been inside the actual park, just the restaurants outside.

  6. Sky Ranch is a great venue for a party. You get the nice views, the ride for kids and the Tagaytay fresh air.

  7. Nice to visit this place with family. it's near our place and it's awesome sometimes to explore SkyRanch differently.

  8. What a perfect place to have a kid's Halloween Party!! It must've been such a fun experience! :D

  9. Looks like everyone had a fun time. My own littles would have enjoyed a Halloween party and this one wasn't too scary from what I saw. I even saw a cute little witch. :)

  10. in my province here in pampanga there is also a skyranch.. although i guess tagaytay brnch is the coolest since it is was theoriginal.. i hope i can go here oneday.. :)

  11. Wow! This is so fun, I celebrated Halloween party at the mall with my friends. I think children enjoy it the most. Din't know that this place has so many fun rides and also the Sky Eye.

  12. Wow, Mommy Bloggers Philippines really is a solid community! The Halloween party looks fun and entertaining with Mr. Pocholo there! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.

  13. Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you who makes sure to do bonding activities and create memorable experiences. This looked like a really fun trick or treating. And Sky Ranch looks fantastic, adding to my list of to-visit places in the Philippines!

  14. Your kid really looked quite happy in her witch dress. The place seem kind of lonely though. I couldn't feel the festive mood that halloween parties should have.



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