Welcome to London, Hello Hard Water

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Last November 16, 2023, I finally arrived here in UK. From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I came directly to Heathrow Airport to start my new work as a Staff Nurse in one of the biggest and oldest hospital in London. It was winter that time and it was drizzling, which was not really helping, as I was trying to manage to bring 3 luggage into my temporary home for 4 weeks.

Finally I got inside my room, had to unpack my things and fix my bed because I was so tired and drained from almost a day travelling.

After I have rested, had to take a shower because I was supposed to meet a friend/colleague who was visiting London at that time. It's just very nice to have someone with you in a new place, and of course, I was already hungry and I was looking forward to dinner.

While in the shower, I've noticed a lot of limescales in the shower head as well as in the drainage. Never really saw this in the Philippines or in Saudi Arabia, but apparently, water here in UK is considered hard, as it contains high mineral content, causing limescales to build up.

No wonder, just after a few weeks of staying in our accommodation, one of our concerns was the water from the shower is not draining properly. I'm just really thankful that the accommodation management is fast in addressing our concerns.

So when we started looking for our new home after our free accommodation, we made sure that one of the things that we will point out to the landlord will be the drainage system.

photo grabbed from https://www.houser.co.uk/3-bedroom-flat-for-sale-john-ruskin-street-london-se5-0sy-p143812521

Fast forward to January 11, we ended up renting a home near oval station. It is really a very beautiful flat and I was very happy with my room. It was tiring to move all the stuff and to fix everything but I was so pleased to be in a clean and comfortable home. Although there was one problem that the landlord informed us about, guess what, drainage problem. I was not surprised actually, but thankfully, our landlord is very helpful and approachable and every time we have a concern, he is always there to do something about it.

Till now, there is problem with our drainage, may it be in the bath tub, in the bathroom sink and in the kitchen sink. I blame the hard water for it, but a tip to everyone new here in UK like me, the best possible way to manage your drainage problems would probably have a Drainage Company do a survey in your home.

I've tried different kinds of powder or chemicals to maintain our drains, but it would be best for professionals to handle such concerns. Will definitely introduce the idea to my landlord and hopefully he would give it a try as he may save more money in the long run, rather than pay a plumber every time our sink is blocked.

How about you? Have you experienced something like this before? If yes, what were your solutions?

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