Buying a car during a pandemic

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Ever since I became old enough to go to different places on my own, without my parents, I have been comfortable commuting. I ride a jeep or a van going to work, use a bus or a train to reach far destinations at a cheaper cost or book a cab or a private car if I'm in a hurry. This has been my routine despite having a family van because usually, my parents need to go somewhere also due to our business.

But last 2020, when the pandemic hit, commuting has never been an option for our family. It is really scary to ride a public vehicle not knowing if one of the passenger has the virus and you might unluckily catch it with or without the symptoms and endanger our family members. So the only way for us to go out was to drive our own car. 

We bought a used car for almost 11-12 years now and it has been very helpful for us, but since it's already too old, a lot of problems have been checked and tried to get fixed and it has become too costly. So me and my family decided to canvas for a new car.

With all the money going to fixing the car, buying new parts and paying for labor, we've come to a decision that it's better to use the money to pay for a car loan. It would also be more comfortable for my family, safer to go outside and I guess it would save more gas, too. 

As we search the internet for ways on how to do a car loan, I stumbled upon a website called which has everything you need to know about car loans. They even have features where you get to calculate your fuel budget, figuring your miles per gallon, exploring the cost of underwater trade ins, as well as, saving money with biweekly payments. It really is very efficient.

While trying to learn about all these, you can take a break while playing on their arcade. There's a lot to choose from, but I enjoy playing Psycho Beach Mummies. Anyway, back to car loan. 

We want to avail a van, because there is 7 of us in the family, so the bigger car, the better. I know that it is very hard to loan money these days especially due to pandemic, but me and my sister will try our best to find the best option to have a new car. It can be risky, given this situation, but hopefully, we will manage. 

Are you also, trying to get your own car like me? Try the car payment calculator, and you too might be able to find the best option to have that automobile you deserve.

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