Weighed down by rules? 5 Inspiring Women Show You How To Break Free

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Weighed down by rules? 5 Inspiring Women Show You How To Break Free

We live in a world of rules. There are rules that protect us, maintain order, and guide our way. But there are also rules that limit our potential – ones that say our dreams are too big for us to achieve or that we aren’t made for the life we want to live. 

Before we let the rules of the world weigh us down, listen to the stories of Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Versoza, Mela Habijan, Inka Magnaye, and Chezka Carandang, that show us that the only rules that matter are the ones we set for ourselves. 

Free yourself from the weight of rules

Mela is no stranger to being weighed down by rules. As Miss Trans Global 2020, there were many who doubted her potential. But Mela pushed on and won the crown. Today, she’s also a writer and content creator who continues to embrace her identity, fearlessly flaunting her crowning glory. “Growing my hair is embracing my truth. Taking good care of it is saying yes to myself, despite the world rejecting me. Flaunting it is being driven to actualize my dreams,” Mela shares.

Voice talent and podcaster Inka isn’t safe from the opinions of others despite working mostly behind the scenes. But instead of being weighed down by others, she embraces her voice – literally and figuratively, “My voice has always been resounding and sure, and now with the NEW Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Keratin Smooth, I can be just as sure that my hair is lagkit-free all the time, allowing me to break away from all the rules telling me who I should be!

Similarly, even with her years of being in the industry, the multi-talented Gabbi still experiences being put in a box. Fortunately, she has learned not to listen to the non-believers. Gabbi shares, "I've never been the type to be easily weighed down by those who doubt my abilities, question my talent, body shame me, or even people who say that my hair is "lagkit".

Time to reach new Salontastic heights

These strong women teach us that we have the power to do whatever we set our minds to. We are free from the rules of others because we are the ones in charge of how far we can go. 

No more rules saying we can’t be a queen. No more rules saying we should stay behind the scenes. No more rules saying we have to settle for lagkit hair! Instead, it’s time to reach for that crown, to take on the spotlight, to experience Salontastic hair after every shower!

Chezka shares, “Having [a] great hair day at home keeps me worry-free and comfortable while accomplishing tasks - while studying flying, editing vlogs, or just simply living. With the NEW Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Biotin Strength, I can break free from sticky hair while I spend my time at home.”

Kylie shares the same thoughts, “I feel empowered with good hair no matter where I am and that’s why I choose the NEW @Panteneph 3 Minute Miracle for my #nolagkit days! 🧖🏼‍♀️She adds, “I have the strength to be the #Salontastic woman I want to be, and you can too.”

"With the NEW Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Biotin Strength, I can break free from sticky hair while I break free from all the rules of who I should be or how society wants me to be. I have the strength to be the Salontastic woman I want to be. 🦋" Gabbi adds as she flaunts her Salontastic hair.

How far you go is up to you, and having Salontastic hair to boost your confidence in your journey will only make you go even further. Mela emphasizes, “My hair is power! Pinalaya ako nito sa kabila ng lagkit ng panghuhusga sa pagkatao ko. However transphobic people could be, MELAban ako at ang Salontastic hair ko with the NEW Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Keratin Smooth.”

Experience Salontastic today

You can start your Salontastic journey today and experience many years of salon-level smooth hair just like Gabbi. “I’ve been with my #PantenePH fam for almost 4 years and has kept my hair #Salontastic throughout my career! Now, I feel empowered more than ever even at home, all thanks to Pantene ☺️” says Gabbi, as she whips her salon-level smooth hair from the comfort home.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioners are available at the P&G official online stores on Lazada* and Shopee*. 

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