Why are so many teens becoming reliant on alcohol?

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Why are so many teens becoming reliant on alcohol?

When we consider alcohol dependency, it’s easy to picture grown adults drinking heavily in

bars or at home, and struggling to manage the effects that their condition has on their lives.

In truth, alcohol dependence in teens is on the rise, and it comes with added risks.

Excessive alcoholism can lead to:

- Extreme changes in their behaviour

- A negative impact on their academia

- Damage to brain development, impacting behaviour and personality

- Issues with impulse control

- Memory loss

- Alcohol poisoning

- Unanticipated sexual activity

- Violence

As young adults, revelling in a rebellious phase, experimenting, and trying new experiences

is all part of the journey to becoming a well-rounded adult. It’s during this time that many

young adults’ experiment with alcohol and in some cases, a dependency can develop.

However, dependency can’t always be categorised as a case of underage drinking gone

wrong; issues with alcohol dependency can have its roots in early childhood, or be the result

of emotional trauma caused by various factors, such as bullying, abuse, neglect or the death

of a loved one. Thankfully, by reaching out to experts like Yes We Can Youth Clinics, we can

learn how to recover alcohol addiction in young people.

Let’s take a look at why so many teens are becoming reliant on alcohol.

People around them regularly drink

If your teen is living in a household where alcohol is permanently present, then they could be

more likely to develop a dependency. If a family member has an alcohol addiction and

they’re experiencing the effects of alcohol on their own physical and mental health, this

exposure can increase the risk of their children also developing a dependence as they get


To relax

It’s all too easy to forget the pressure that our teens can be under. Things are different to

how they were when we were classed as young adults. When they’re experiencing pressure

from all sides including academically, socially, at home, via social media and within

friendship groups things can get a little too much. Often, drinking alcohol can help relieve

some of that pressure, help them feel calm, collected and even manage other issues such

as anxiety or high levels of stress.

They want a quick high

The effects of alcohol can take hold very quickly, especially when your teen is mixing drinks

and experimenting with hard liquor. The quick buzz they get from a few drinks can quickly

become addictive.

They want to fit in

Being a teen is hard. They’re developing their own personalities, styles and tastes, yet they

also want to fit in. If their friends are drinking and experimenting with alcohol, they might feel

pressured to keep up with their social group. Drinking alcohol every time they meet and

slowly developing a dependence can occur.

To escape

Often, young adults turn to drugs like alcohol as a way to escape from other issues in their

lives. Perhaps they’re being bullied, have experienced something traumatic, or are the victim

of abuse either today or in their childhood.

Final thoughts…

If you’re worried about your young adult and their alcohol habits, then speak with an expert

today and seek help.

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