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Getting to travel the world is a great privilege, even if it's a hard-earned privilege for some. Thailand is one of the most popular countries to visit for a variety of reasons, especially with younger generations. Aside from the rich party culture that can be found in some locations, it also has vast amounts of natural beauty, including happy, friendly people who will be glad to talk to you about the history and culture, and delicious food, often cooked fresh and can be found on the roadside. You could go to Thailand simply to chill out on the sprawling beaches and go to parties every night. However, there many people prefer a more meaningful brand of travel, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, there is so much to discover in Thailand. You can take a different approach to your time in Thailand if you like getting under the skin of a country.

Perhaps you are looking to move there and you’re needing somewhere to stay and looking for the best area to live in. You could opt for a townhouse in Bangna and see what areas are the best for what you want, whether it’s social life, art, culture or food. Thailand in general has all of these in abundance and that's what makes it such a good place to travel to, as a business person, on a holiday or with a partner.

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Volunteer Or Get A Working Visa
One way to experience the authentic side of Thailand is to volunteer. You can give your time and energy, and perhaps your expertise, to benefit the local community. There are a few different ways you might decide to volunteer in Thailand whilst you’re there. One of the things you can do is work with children and in schools as they are always in need of teachers and to help teach kids English, it’s vital for most countries. You could start teaching them English, how to play sports, or how to use a computer even as some may not have even used one before in certain areas. As well as working with the children, you could also be working with minority groups, such as Cambodians. You could also seek out conservation projects to help protect
Thailand's natural beauty, as well as learn how they survive and their life long traditions which enable them to thrive.

Learn Some Thai - But Beware, It’s Tricky!
The Thai language perhaps isn't the first one anyone thinks of learning, mostly because it is not widely spoken, it is very difficult to learn and it sounds hard to wrap your tongue around. But if you're keen to spend some time in Thailand, it's polite to learn at least a few key phrases and it will help the locals warm to you. If you go beyond the standard phrases of please and thank you, you can also make it easier to connect with local people and even make friends. You might find that it's easier to get along with a bit more of the language and that it opens up new experiences for you. You could take lessons, try to teach yourself a little or just attempt to pick
some up from the locals. This can be done in a classroom or online of course but a classroom will allow you to feel more immersed in the life and culture in the country.

Connect with Locals And Meet New Friends
The previous two things can both help you to connect more with local people on your travels. Some people have the tendency to only socialize with fellow travelers. However, if you take the time to get to know some locals, you could get a much more authentic view of Thailand. A little bit of the language will get you a long way, as people are sure to appreciate your effort. Volunteering is a great way to spend time within a community too. This may allow you to get involved with outdoor activities, go on road trips or just generally feel more part of the culture.

Do Something You Really Enjoy
If you want to really connect with Thailand and its people, then it can be helpful to explore one of your passions while you're there. For example, it's a great time to work on your writing or photography skills. But if you’re not creative, that’s OK too, there are lots of sports and museums, temples and trails to explore and this can be done on foot, in tour groups or by bicycle if you love cycling, it’s also a great way to keep fit and healthy and is really worth doing. Doing something you love while you're in Thailand will help you see what the country has to offer and allow you to feel a little more at home when you’re there. The prices of things in thailand are going to be significantly cheaper than in the west, and this will be beneficial if you're
wanting to do a lot of exploring. It will not be expensive to buy food, so if you start a cooking class, then you can put your skills into action in your own kitchen and enjoy the Thai cuisine.

Thailand isn't just for partying and drinking, like you may have first thought. If you're planning a visit, make sure you explore all the wonderful things there are to see and do. If you’re going for work, then make sure you have a plan of where you want to live or have to live, what the best areas are and places to help you through such as doctors clinics, embassies and pharmacies, just to be sure that you know what to do in case something arises. Overall it’s a welcoming place which can help you learn about the world as well as spiritually and educationally with so
much history at its fingertips, you can be sure you will learn something valuable staying in the far eastern magical world that they call Thailand.

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