Should You Be A Priority In A Relationship?

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To be priority in someone’s life most especially in a relationship means, to be very important and to be treated like a very special person especially in your partner’s life. In simple slang, this is mostly said as ‘ride or die’.

This means that your partner is there for you no matter what and they show utmost concern about you than any other person or issues in their life. In relationships especially marriages, there is jealousy which occurs naturally. This is legal and also accepted even by our faith. Normally people view jealousy as a negative vice but in this case it is natural and healthy.

This jealousy brings in prioritization simply because a wife or husband will feel offended if their better half replaces them with something else in their life. This could be a job, another human, or even something as basic as a car. 

Most cases happen in marriages whereby children get into the picture. The wife will obviously direct her attention most often to her children whereas the husband will bury himself into his career in order to provide for his bigger family now. In this case, the priority of this relationship is lost and that is when they will start having problems.

Even in courtship, you will realize when you are no longer a priority. In most cases your partner’s attention seems to be directed to something else other than you. Their normal behavior will change. This means, their habits will change and mostly this ways will be the ones which make you feel jealous or lesser an anteriority to them. So, in order to avoid the distancing that will be caused, couples have to sacrifice and try their best to maintain the right antecedence.

You can therefore maintain your spouse as your anteriority by:

1. Accompany them when they are doing their hobby. Show interest to your partner in what they love doing. This will motivate them and make them feel loved.

2. Initiate sex. This is mainly to ladies in a relationship. Making the first move always shows interest for your spouse. It gets boring for one partner to always initiate the first move.

3. Organize or plan for romantic treats. Do all these with the aim of getting some alone time together and reflect on your relationship, besides the busy schedules you have. Plan getaways, dates, movie nights etc.

4. Actions of love. In this case do little acts that make your partner happy or do things you know they love. For example, hide love notes in their pockets, massaging their shoulders or feet.

5. Know your partner’s love language. People have different ways in which they show and receive love and affection. If you know your partner’s ways then you are in a better position to understand how to make them feel like a priority. Click here for more information.

With those acts you will make your better half the main person in your life and this will go a long way in helping your relationship retain the romance and spicy feels even when you all have busy lives.

There are also points to consider in order to make sure you are priority to your better half:

1. Try out something new together. Doing the same things over and over again can lead to feelings of disinterest and boredom. Trying out new things together awakens the passion which may be lost.

2. Kill them with kindness. Do something really sweet for them that they will keep remembering and also make this unexpected.

3. Recreate your throwback moments. For instance, go out on your first date again, first sleepover etc. reminiscing the good old days together especially if your relationship is starting to get boring will help spice it up.

In these ways, you are able to make sure you are priority to your better half and it will help in bringing you close together like in the first stages of your relationship. At the end of the day everyone wants someone who never makes them a second option. So it is fair enough to prioritize your partner and also do your best to not become your partner’s second option. After all we all want to be prioritized. See this link to find out what you can do just in case you don’t feel prioritized

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