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Every Saturday, we usually go to the mall and try restaurants or watch a movie, but this Saturday, we planned something different. We wanted to go to Sky Ranch ever since it’s soft opening last March but we weren't able to visit yet due to unavailability of boyfriend's car.

But when I saw this, I tried convincing Jayvee that we had to avail this promo and visit Sky Ranch ASAP! :)

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So when he agreed to go, we filed vacation leaves at work and when Saturdate came, we commuted going to their house at Cavite and from there, we took his car and went straight to Tagaytay :) It took us about an hour to arrive at the Sky Ranch via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Good thing was there were still some parking slots (Parking Fee - P50.00) available when we arrived, unfortunately it rained so we stayed at the car while we waited for the rain to subside.

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When the rain stopped, we went to the ticket booth and bought our discounted tickets :) There's no ride all you can ticket at Sky Ranch. You need to pay for each ride you would like to try.

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Since Jayvee hates the Super Viking Ride (even the Mini Viking, lol), the only ride we tried that day was the Sky Eye. It is said to be the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines at 63m (207ft) with 32 gondolas. Before lining up at the Sky Eye, you must first purchase a ticket at the ticket booth.

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Then we lined up at the Sky Eye :)

While on queue ^^
There are also mimes found all around Sky Fun Amusement Park. Jayvee took a picture of me with the mime next to the Sky Eye entrance :)

Hello Mr. Mime ^^
There's a container in front of the mime and if you place any amount of money inside, he will dance or move for you. :) After 15-20 minutes of waiting in line, it was our turn to ride the Sky Eye ^^

Inside the gondola
The space inside the gondola would only fit 3-4 persons since leg area was a bit small. The ride (one loop) lasts for 10 minutes. There was a fireworks display and it was a perfect timing since we were still riding the Sky Eye at that time.

Fireworks Display :)
After the ride, we just took some photos of the Sky Eye and the Carousel.

Sky Eye at Night
Carousel at Night
Before going home, we ate Bulalo somewhere in Tagaytay. Unfortunately, I could not recall the restaurant's name. There were nipa huts outside where you could dine as well. Here's the only photo we had during dinner:

Bulalo for dinner: Perfect for the rainy weather at Tagaytay
Bulalo for dinner, perfect for the rainy weather at TagaytayWe really had a great time at Sky Ranch. We'll definitely visit soon to see the other rides, attractions and restaurants that were still under construction during their soft opening. :)

Here are Sky Ranch’s new entrance and ride fees:

photo grabbed from Sky Ranch Website
Sky RanchNasugbu Via Tuy Road, Brgy Kaybagal
South (beside Taal Vista Hotel), Tagaytay City
Sky Ranch Facebook Page

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  1. You know, I've lived here in tagaytay for 2 years, but I haven't had the interest in going there. I really need to explore my own neighborhood! I only go there to eat but I never go inside.

  2. I've never been to Sky Ranch, I have been wanting to for the longest time! I would love to take my twins here soon.

  3. That's too bad, it rained so you guys didn't get to explore well. Maybe next time you guys can drop by the puzzle museum nearby Sky ranch.

  4. I do not mind riding the rides there, but unfortunately going to Tagaytay is not exactly easy given the traffic in the SLEX! I haven't gone south in a very long while. All of our family trips have been going north lately.

  5. Sayang naman at umulan.. I guess, you will again visit Sky Ranch.. We too are planning to visit the place and go ride on the Sky Eye.

  6. I've passed by Sky Ranch several times. I haven't tried it though. It must be nice seeing Taal Volcano from this vantage point.

  7. Been there many times and tagaytay is just 1 tumbling away from laspinas/cavite hehe. So if my family and friends were in a moox of bulalo we just drive there in less than 1 hr

  8. The Sky Eye! Waaaah! I should visit this place one day! I know I'd also have a lot of fun!

  9. I like your photo of the carousel at nighttime. I do not like the viking ride, too. It looks okay when you are just watching the people ride but when you are on it, it is very scary.

  10. I like the Sky eye and carousel and surely they look beautiful at night. It must be a wonderful experience.

  11. I really need to go here with my friends someday soon!! It truly does look beautiful at night :D

  12. Perfect for adventure especially at night. :)

  13. It's a nice place for photo-shoot and I can't wait to see when all the other services are out! Especially the Carousel and Ferris Wheel!

  14. You know I have been to Tagaytay a lot but I have never tried this. Perhaps I shall give it a try on my next visit.

  15. I love amusement park it reminds me of my childhood time.

  16. Nice! I've been eyeing Sky Ranch since I read their promotion in one of the group buying sites.

  17. Oh, I love ferris! This looks like an amazing park - and I'd definitely like to visit it!



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